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Experts in digital strategy, online marketing and ecommerce with more than 20 years experience in the market.



Analysis of presence and digital assets.
How to make the right decisions in the digital world.
Marketing and digital transformation plans.


Hands-on experience developing ecommerce software platforms and websites.


Broad experience in the education sector. Implementation of digital marketing plans and modernization initiatives in education centers.

Edunext Schools

Own development SAAS platform entirely designed to easily manage and sell services and products of a school center.

Extracurricular Activities
Our platform allows the complete management in a simple way of all the extracurricular activities that a school offers to its students. Our solution integrates a payment solution that allows its purchase by credit card or direct debit by the parents of the school pupils.
Educational Activities
Edunext Schools allows the management of authorizations and communications related to the visits and excursions that take place in the daily life of the school, replacing and automating the traditional written authorizations.
Summer and Sports Activities
With Edunext Schools you can manage and organize not only activities for pupils of the school but for external participants offering online registration and payment of all the activities.
Through our platform you can easily create a built-in online shop and place teaching materials, books, uniforms or any other product that the center wishes to offer to the school parents or to externals.
School Routes
Edunext Schools also has a module that allows you to configure and contract routes for the chosen activities.


Easy integration with any web page of the center.

Start-up between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the requirements of the center.

Great cost savings in administrative management for a school.

Initial setup cost variable according to the school configuration and needs.

Monthly maintenance fee including hosting, support and evolving maintenance

Front End

Very simple design. Users can easily purchase or authorize activities from registration to payment.
Process similar to any online store

Back End

The platform allows full management of all content and payments for any administrative user.
Complete dashboard and all kind of reports available.


A large number of private and state-funded schools already use Edunext Solutions:

colegio diocesanos Mallorca
Grupo Fomento de centros de enseñanza
Grupo Manyanet
Colegios Vedruna


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